Monday, April 6, 2015

Mondays Can Only Get Verse 2

Why does the farm have to sing
of death?

why can't it always
be lambs bleating
calves bawling
chickens chattering?

I like the song of
butterfly wings
hummingbird flight
meadowlarks and robins
declaring spring

I like the song of
seeds uncurling
leaves unfurling
green learning
to sing

I like the song of
blossoms drifting
romanced by wind
and sun

I like the song of
porch talk

when the day is done

take please
the song of dogs
who bite
to the bone

Play me a song of life.
without death
light without dark
sun without clouds

Take away that resonant drum

and bury the Composer's
in birdsong

I don't want to hear
life and death sung together


a sentimental song

would not
shake and shape my soul.

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