My Writing Life

In addition to living on a farm, I am a writer.  On this page, I will put links to some of the articles I've had published.

Blue Ridge Country Feb. 2011  "Livestock in My Living Room"

Blue Ridge Country March 2011  "Letterboxing the BlueRidge"

Grit November 2011  "Chasing Sheep"

Blue Ridge Country March 2013  "First Taste of Spring"

Blue Ridge Country May 2015  "Singing in the Garden"  --My Black Thumb

Shenandoah Magazine April 2015, pg 13 "Water Witching"

Blue Ridge Country, Sept 2015  "Singing in the Garden"--Saving Seeds

Blue Ridge Country June 2015  "Singing in the Garden"--the Short Corn Thief

Blue Ridge Country, October 2015  "Singing in the Garden"  --Banking Summer

Blue Ridge Country Magazine December 2015 "Singing in the Garden" --Sleeping Beauties

Blue Ridge Country Magazine March 2016  "Singing in the Garden" --Grape Joy

Grit  March/April 2016   "Here's Your Sign"--

Blue Ridge Country Magazine May 2016  "Singing in the Garden"--The Re-purposed Garden

Blue Ridge Country July 2016  "Singing in the Garden"-- The Wire Grass Wars

Blue Ridge Country Magazine Sept. 2016  "Singing in the Garden"--Fall Beauty

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