Singing and Crafting

Welcome to my crafting page.  No farm life would be complete without a farm wife who crafts.  You can look forward to craft projects for the whole family on these pages.

 July 23, 2013
This week I crafted with kids, making t-shirts with leaf prints.  This is an easy craft and just requires fabric paint, some sponges, some leaves, a small brush and a tee shirt.
Pick leaves with interesting shapes.

Coat the leaves with paint and press onto the tee shirts.  Then use the sponges to fill in some details.

 Finally a small brush can be used to finish up.  I created the designs up top and the kids created the designs below.  Paint + Leaves= A great summer project.


  1. Ginny, have you tried plant pounding? Take those same plant parts, cover them with waxed paper, and pound with a hammer until the color and shape are transferred to the tee shirt or to a strong piece of paper. Be warned, it takes quite a bit of pounding, but the results can be really nice. Vanessa

    1. Vanessa,
      I haven't but I've read about it. I'll have to give it a try.


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