Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Where the Fairies Hide

Sometimes you see them when you least expect it.  Not the fairies themselves, but their houses.  Such was the case today when I was pulling into my driveway.  I stopped to watch a chipmunk sitting on a log and ended up leaving the car and wandering through the woods in search of fairy houses.  The light was perfect for finding them.

The first one I spotted was tucked at the foot of an oak tree.  I fell in love with the little red table in the front yard.

Beyond that I saw a cozy little cottage built on the side of a hill.  There was no smoke coming from the chimney so I knew the fairies weren't home.

I realized I had stumbled into a small fairy neighborhood.   Each house was cuter than the next.

Just beyond the neighborhood, I spotted a playground.  The fairies must have run off as I approached.  They left their ball behind.

The playground was part of a larger park complex.  There was a visitor center perched on a hill...

and a small cabin with another one of those cute red tables set out front.

Beyond the park, a small fairy city was outlined with streetlights.

At the center of the city, I found  a beautiful restaurant, reminiscent of the Space Needle in Seattle.

I would have spent more time exploring, but I was chased away by one of the guardians of the community.

I was sorry to leave it all behind.  Perhaps I'll find another fairy land some day.  If I do, you can be sure, I'll post more pictures.


  1. What a lovely fun place to visit!

  2. Look at you! Great photos, and wonderful imagination. Nice!

  3. Very nice. I expect to see a PB book manuscript that expands this blog post into a fully-developed story on 12x12.

  4. What a refreshing joy to read. I miss the Blue Ridge. I am a native Virginian, now living in next to the German Black Forest, which still does not compare to the beauty and friendliness of the Blue Ridge. Your writing brings me back for little visits. Thank you, and keep writing!

    1. Jay, thank you. I have been to the Black Forest region of Germany and it is beautiful as well, very suited to fairies, but also gnomes and careful out there :D


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