Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Last Chicken Chasing Chapter....We Hope

When I walked out to the back forty last week, the rooster had gathered the hens together to make an important announcement.
Ladies, something is going on over at the henhouse!

Follow me and I'll show you.

Look, Joe has driven some posts in
 the ground and he appears to be fastening something to them.

Now, they are stretching fence wire around.

They've put it all around the back of the chicken house.

 Next, the chicken chasing dog walked over to inspect the job.
Gosh, that fence looks pretty hard to get through.

I can only get my head through.  How will I play with the chickens?

I guess I won't.  Here ladies, come over here where I can grab you... closer, closer....
You can't get us.

But, we can't get out to play in Ginny's flower beds and garden anymore  either...

The end......Or is it?


  1. Is it working? Total hoot - am imagining the rooster reassuring the hens that all is going as he originally planned while pup scratches his proverbial head, continuing to wonder how on earth things came to such a pass as this.

    1. It is working but time will tell the true story as these chicks have more than the average amount of bird brains.


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