Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A month ago, I wrote the words, “snow is magical.” That was my “new love” phase. My relationship with the white stuff was still exciting and full of promise. I am now in the “been married a while” phase. This means that I must choose sometimes to love the snow, even when it does annoying things, like filling up the path I just shoveled, or pulling my car into a snow bank because it feels I need more exercise shoveling. But, the Bible reminds us to “give thanks to the Lord in all things,” so here is what I am thankful for.

The snow has saved me money on my gym fees. I can’t get to the workout room this month, so I haven’t had to pay any dues, and I’ve been shoveling at least 20 minutes a day. Snow shoveling burns 440 calories an hour. So, as I was digging my car out of the drift that I accidently backed into, I thanked God for this opportunity for snow aerobics. One hundred fifty calories later, I had the car out, and I was so warm from my exertions that I had broken a sweat. Of course, I celebrated by eating a fresh baked cookie, but I still had calories to spare.

The snow has given me more time for Bible study. I decided to study “joy” this winter. I wanted to see what God had to say about it, because sometimes I feel guilty that I am so happy. Mainly because of things like Haiti, and my friend’s daughter who is dying of cancer. I mean, who am I to enjoy my life when others are suffering? Should I be worrying about misfortunes that might come today or tomorrow or next week? I am reassured by the passages I’ve read so far. Psalm 16:9 says I can “confidently rest in safety.” That’s not a promise that I will never be in danger, just an admonition to enjoy where I am now. So, I am. I sit in my warm house with a cat stretched out beside me and give thanks for my blessings.

The snow has reminded me of why I love my husband so much. On one of the few days that we did have school this week, my van was parked way out at the end of my slick, snowy driveway. Because the schools were on a two hour delay, Joe needed to leave for work before me. The wind was blowing and wind chills hovered around zero. My husband would not let me walk out to my car. He waited until I was ready, drove me out, drove me back in because I forgot my keys, laughed at my forgetfulness, drove me back out and made me sit in the warm truck while he started my vehicle and scraped the windows. Then he insisted on staying with me for the twenty minutes it took for the inside of my van windows to finally melt off so I could see. 

If my “been married” phase of my relationship with snow is anything like the one I celebrate with my husband, I have much to look forward to.


  1. Us folks down south in Atlanta would love to try some "snow aerobics"! We are watching all the white stuff fall around the country and it just rains here in Dixie! Tell Joe I can hear his chuckles about the forgotten keys (and remember similar chuckles about the cows in the corn many summers ago!!!) Love you! Meg

  2. I've been experiencing "joy" this fall and winter also. I had started reading through James again the week the tree fell. In fact, I had prayed just the verse "Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials..." that very morning. Through all the highs and lows, it has helped me to remember that God does have a plan (Jer. 29:11 also!), even though we might not understand it right now.

  3. while I do not share your love of snow, you bring a fresh perspective to it! thanks for a wonderful reminder to look at things from a different angle


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